Click rate

I’ve noticed that so many people have click rates far above mine. At present I’m at ~460k keys and ~66k clicks, although I’m constantly seeing profiles where their clicks are close if not more than their keys.

To me the mouse is something to be avoided outside of games, which is probably why I have so many more keys than clicks.

On that note; wouldn’t it be cool if we had a “KEY:CLICK” ratio on our profiles? e.g. 10:1 is 10 key presses per click.

Some people play games purely by clicking - or they may do data entry all day. These will surely cause them to have higher click rates. Even those that play first person shooters will have higher click rates. When I played World of Warcraft, I had about a 3:1 ratio of keys to clicks. Now, I maintain about 10:1 or even higher keys to clicks ratio.


I wish there was a way to see how many left clicks, right clicks, side clicks (buttons on the side of the mouse), scroll wheel clicks, etc. In Dota 2, I use the right mouse button more than the left to move, only using the left for attacks, buying items and the like. Where-as in shooters, both are used constantly.