Chrome Extension

Just finished putting some touches on a Chrome Extension for WhatPulse, grabs the data from your WebAPI feed, let me know what you think.

I just installed it. It seems okay, however, I think that the UI could be re-organized a bit. That way you don’t have to scroll it. Move the options to an options tab. Then maybe group certain stats on one line, to save vertical space.

Thanks for the feedback, the tabs at the top are supposed to flip between it does it sometime but not others.

I’ll change the way the stats are displayed, will post an update when I have done them.

If you want, send me a link in PM with the link to the extension and I’ll go ahead and put the link in for you.


Another thing, the statistics, they’re not separated with commas. If you can, you should have it set up to display keys, etc as 10,453,898, instead of 10453898. That was always something that bugged me with the WhatPulse mIRC script. >_> But, that’s a different matter.

Have updated the extension, looks a bit better now, and the tabs work properly.

EDIT: Have just added that to this update as well, so it’s a bit more readable.

So why can it access the browser history? Isn’t that completely unnecessary?

He wants to stalk porn sites people visit. :wink:

Edit: I want to say that I like this new version a lot more. Nice job. Though, I wouldn’t call it “complete.” I think the UI could still be tweeked a bit more. But, that’s just me.