Chrome Extension

Is it possible or feasible to create a Chrome Extension version of WhatPulse?

It would allow the fast growing Chromebook devices and other custom operating systems that have Chrome browser installed to be able to track WhatPulse.

It would allow web based applications to be tracked. You have allowed the client to now track Applications such as Chrome itself or Microsoft Word, and this is great, but something that things like Wakoopa had which was awesome was web apps. Stuff like Facebook or YouTube or games like RuneScape. Social games are massive and being able to track what is current is key, and a simple chrome extension could allow all of this to be done. The chrome browser is also available on Linux as Chromium, so you can use it on Linux too.

I can help you promote it/market it and actually get people to use it if you were able to develop it. I said to you guys I would help you out, and I know the current trends, and this is something that would put you in the right direction and also be future proof.

Let me know your thoughts.

How I would love to see this as well, I don’t see this happening. Mainly due to security reasons (and restrictions in chrome’s api).

If this is technically feasible, it’d be great. Lack of compatibility with WhatPulse is actually one of the biggest reasons why I didn’t buy a Chromebook (if it doesn’t pulse, it doesn’t count!) XD

I know that there are some extensions available for Chrome that can capture keystrokes, so it may be doable. (Example)

Yeh I bought a chromebook because it works for me really well as a mobile on the go device for writing articles for my website. The battery life is really amazing too, and you have more freedom than tablets. Chrome is dominating the browser market at the moment, and for WhatPulse to really grow they need to always focus on what’s big right now. Whilst mobile is the obvious route, it is hard to have a background app running on mobile that will allow tracking of functions like keystrokes and touches on the screen, however a partnership with a company like SwiftKey who already tell you how many keystrokes you have saved using their service could prove beneficial to both parties.

I’ve also bought a chromebook for my work, it’s great for taking with me and doing notes and stuff and have access to my mail and all.

I agree with what you’re saying, but there’s some difficult stuff they have to think about. Making a chrome(book) extension will be open to cheating very badly. It’s not as easy to make that secure like a normal app (which is harder to tamper with).

Even if it’s not going to be implemented yet, I would love to see a proof of concept to show the world it would work.

I understand the cheating aspect of things.