Can't install WP for OSX

Hi all,

I just tried to install the newest WP on my MacBook Pro. On opening WhatPulse 2.3.1.mpkg it says “WhatPulse 2.3.1.mpkg can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer”.

I haven’t seen this message any time before (Mac user since 7 years or something). Is this something I could fix myself, or may this have anything to do with for instance (lack of) support of Mavericks?

Thanks in advance!

That message is from Apple’s Gatekeeper feature, which is new since Mountain Lion. You can still open apps with a right click → ‘Open’ (then probably another ‘Open’ when it asks you if you’re sure)

I’m surprised you say you haven’t seen this messages before, because half of the OS X apps out there are not signed.

Ah that’s why I didn’t know the message already; I skipped Mountain Lion :slight_smile: I have been using Mavericks since a month or something. Guess I only used signed installers then :wink:

Thanks a lot for your help!

Okay, so now I’ve got another problem… WhatPulse doesn’t count my keys very well anymore. I think it only registers about 1/50th of my actual keys.

I’ve typed a lot in the pas two weeks, though pulsed only a few thousand keys (around 12.000 since 28-12). See:

(My average has been around 500.000 per month for years…)

Enable the security settings in OS X for the client, as it asks on startup. Registering not all input is a symptom of those not being enabled.

Thanks :slight_smile: During install, I did some googling and thought that option in OSX was quite “much asked” for something as tiny as WhatPulse.