Cannot start Whatpulse successfully on Manjaro 18.1.4 (Arch Linux)

After extracting the whatpulse-linux-archlinux-64bit-2.8.4.tar.gz package and trying to launch the application by typing in ./whatpulse in terminal, the following error log shows up:

[an@anijatsu-desktop WP]$ ./whatpulse
27-12-2019 06:08:24.447 INFO “Starting WhatPulse 2.8.4-1633…”
QObject::startTimer: Timers cannot have negative intervals
27-12-2019 06:08:24.467 DEBUG Database file: “/home/an/.local/share/WhatPulse/whatpulse.db”
27-12-2019 06:08:24.469 DEBUG Database check: “ok”
Application crashed with signal 11!
0 [./whatpulse(+0x199f90) [0x560109dfbf90]]
1 [./whatpulse(+0x1a2c7e) [0x560109e04c7e]]
2 [./whatpulse(+0x1a2e35) [0x560109e04e35]]
3 [./whatpulse(+0x1a3015) [0x560109e05015]]
4 [./whatpulse(+0x1a949a) [0x560109e0b49a]]
5 [/usr/lib/ [0x7f0b4ad9d816]]
6 [/usr/lib/qt/plugins/sqldrivers/ [0x7f0b4ae56a74]]
7 [/usr/lib/qt/plugins/sqldrivers/ [0x7f0b4ae59c2a]]
Aborted (core dumped)

What may I do? I’ve seen the same occur with the AUR package @

The download for the Linux client has been removed for now. Due to several changes in several distros, the client is unable to run on ~80% of the systems of people who try it. A few volunteers have stepped up to see about getting it running universally on every/most distros, but that will take a while. In the mean time, there’s not much we can do.