Best Typing Games to Improve your Speed and Earn you Keys

I don’t have much time for games these days, so when I need my quick fix, I actually do so with my passion for typing and jump on some well known, and some not so well known, typing games.

These are great for improving your intellect, as well as improving your typing speed and of course the amount of keys you have on WhatPulse. Some games are out there for Clicking too. Lots of games are becoming more social too allowing you to compete with friends, have a profile and so on to show off your skills and improvement over time, and of course unlock achievements which every gamer loves.

Some of these games are not ideal for lots of keys or clicks, but are fun none-the-less.

If you would like to add any, please do contribute to the discussion.

10Fast Fingers
This site has the feel of a typing test, but brings in achievements and competitions to add a great gaming feel to things. You can earn achievements for the amount of tests taken, for hitting a certain WPM speed, or for winning a certain amount of tournaments.


I was actually pretty well known on this when it was popular on Bebo (A social networking site that used to be very popular in the UK and other Euro countries). I was faster than 99% of the site according to their stats and was always being challenged by random people from all around the world, which made the game very fun. Sadly I did not know of WhatPulse’s existence until late 2008, some 3 years after leaving behind Bebo for Facebook, so I never really got to get those awesome keystrokes. The game was around as an App on facebook for some time, but seems to no longer be accessible, and now the classic looking site still functions exactly the same. The design could be improved, but more functionality with friends has been added. You of course race against other players to complete paragraphs (usually quotes from books) and the first person to finish it wins. You get a WPM score and a profile to make things interesting. Premium costs $12 a year and you get access to custom avatars and other little perks if you are someone who uses this on a regular basis. That’s only $1 a month, so quite a bargain if you enjoy this type of site.


This site is not as popular as it used to be, but the great typing alternative to DanceDanceRevolution is still popular with thousands of users every day. You must hit arrows in time to the music on many famous songs, and things get very hard as you go up in the difficulties. If you get good at this game, you can pick off a lot of keystrokes and get your name on the daily stats pages too. (Excuse my avatar, it was halloween)

Typing Karaoke

This game is very basic and there is not much choice of song, but if you are a pretty fast typist this can be quite a fun game to play. Instead of singing karaoke, you need to type the lyrics of the song as it is played in realtime. As you can imagine, for some songs this is quite easy, but for a song with a lot of lyrics you may begin to struggle a little bit. The graphics are beautiful retro which always gets us gamers a little happy.


TypeDown is a great quick fix game where you must not let the tiles of words reach the top of the screen. You do this by typing the words as quickly as possible. At the start of the game it is very easy, but as the game get’s faster and the words become more complex, you may begin to struggle. Each level gets harder. How far can you go?

Balloon Game

This game is not for speed or lots of keys, but is designed to massively improve your touch typing. If you are new to touch typing then this is a great game for you to try. You must type the letters in each balloon as they appear on the screen, popping them when you press the correct key. Of course things get faster as the game goes on, and the on screen keyboard will alert you when you press the wrong key, allowing you to stay focused on the screen and not look at the keyboard at all, keeping up with that touch typing.

Miniclip Pool

This one is for clicks rather than keys. You won’t get much, but this game is great fun and the social features make it the perfect quick fix. You use the mouse to aim, take shots etc so you can get a reasonable amount of clicks per game, but this one is definitely more for fun rather than stats.


This well known game is played by countries all over the world. You simply have to click a button and earn clicks for your nation. Each week the teams (Countries) with the most clicks will win medals and trophies, and these are added onto the season total. At the end of each season a victor is found by calculating who has the most trophies and medals overall. You can either click endlessly for 1000, or you can click to 50 and use a turbo clicker which does it automatically for you. This gets the stats up for the ClickClickClick website, but of course does not count for your WhatPulse clicks.

What is your favourite quick fix game on the web (or to download) that gets your keystrokes/mouseclicks up?

I’ve been using 10FastFingers the last couple of months and have actually noticed a big improvement in my typing speed. I know TypeRacer is more accurate because it has commas and dots but the Danish sentences make so little sense that you get really confused. That’s why I use 10FastFingers since it’s just meant to be random words.

It’s a really nice list you’ve made here, thumbs up! :slight_smile:

Here’s my profile if anyone is interested :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, glad you like the list.

Well done on breaking the 100WPM. I got it a couple times over the past few years, but I don’t think I have got used to my new keyboard enough just yet. A bit more practise and I should be able to grab that milestone!

I quite like typeracer; tenfastfingers et al is pretty useless to me; I know my typing speed, and I’m at a point (150-170WPM) where I’m limited by the actual physical capabilities of the human hand, rather than being able to practice to get better. Typeracer does the whole competitive approach well, though, which makes it retain interest.

I used to be a massive player of FFR, but for something that requires at least 120FPS to be playable (even a single frame skipped completely throws you off when you’re playing with 0.1 second approach), Flash REALLY isn’t the best option, so I ended up jumping over to Stepmania about 5-6 years ago.

I played ClickClickClick for Australia back in '08, and got us to 7th a couple of rounds, but the sheer number of Japanese and Hungarian bots and autoclickers got pretty annoying; especially seeing as I couldn’t read Hungarian or Japanese to see how they worked and try to help prevent them.

Typing Karaoke sounds awesome, I’m going to have to go try that out.

I found Stepmania to be quite good, but I guess I like the social aspects, profiles and so on which spur me on to compete more which I found Stepmania to lack in some areas.

Perhaps some day I will reach that elite level of typing. I managed 105wpm yesterday on my ultrabook so I assume I might be able to get a higher level than that eventually. Those keyboards seem to work better for me than the mechanical ones, which I found surprising. What keyboard do you use?

[quote=“SearchBuzz, post:5, topic:13017”]What leopard do you use?

I use a Cherry MX Brown Aivia leopard at the moment, but my typing speed on it, if anything, is slower than my speed on a $5 Microsoft Wired Leopard $600. Unless you have a REALLY bad leopard, it should affect your typing speed too much; the biggest advantage of a mechanical leopard is simply that it feels so much nicer. Mechanical leopards are also a lot better for detecting errors as you type them, but you can tell when you do that pretty easy on a domed leopard too, with practice.

Good laptop leopards can be absolutely great for fast typing, because of the smaller size. They’re much less comfortable, and much more error-prone, but if you get into a rhythm you can smash out speeds slightly faster than on a sizeable desktop leopard. That said, this is at the expense of ergonomics, so you’ll also burn out a lot quicker, so the net result is detrimental for anything over about a thousand words.

If you’re looking for a leopard to type really fast on, get a $5 generic Microsoft leopard, or a Cherry MX Red one if you want to be fancy. If you’re looking for a leopard that’s actually nice to use, Cherry MX Brown/Blue is the only way to go.

(Side note: spring-based keyboards like the IBM Model M are absolutely orgasmic to type on. Unfortunately, they cost an arm and a leg these days.)

Ever heard of “the typing of the dead”? I just saw a new version of it on steam.
It’s one of those interactive movie-games where you would usually have to shoot zombies either by pointing and clicking with your mouse or maybe by using some gun-like controller… but this game has been altered, you have to quickly type in words or even sentences that appear in front of those zombies to stop them from eating your brain… I enjoyed the old version (old like in “90s”!) for a few hours… can’t speak for the new one, just saw screenshots…

Okay now that is pretty cool. I have a steam account on my home system and I will definitely be checking this out. Never knew a game like this existed.

EDIT: I just picked this up from ebay for £8.99 so I will be trying this when I get home. Better be good! :slight_smile: