BandWidth per Country don't work

always show"your GeoIP database is empty,per country stats won’t work"
refresh database will download the file but it still don’t work.
log shows that the app have some problems when writing files to a path include chinese character(e.g. my username is 丁页天) but work fine while reading··············
here‘s the log

20-10-2013 09:08:06.921 DEBUG Started download of GeoIP Database…
20-10-2013 09:08:14.959 DEBUG [color=#FF0000]Writing downloaded GeoIP Database into: “C:/Users/??ò3ìì/AppData/Local/WhatPulse/GeoIP.dat”[/color]
20-10-2013 09:08:14.967 DEBUG [color=#FF0000]Opening GeoIP database: “C:/Users/丁页天/AppData/Local/WhatPulse/GeoIP.dat”[/color]
20-10-2013 09:08:14.968 DEBUG Unable to open GeoIP database!
20-10-2013 09:08:15.026 DEBUG Finished downloading GeoIP database!

I just committed a patch that will fix this for the next version. The beta will be out very soon. In the meantime you could download it manually into place from