Bandwidth Logging (checked FAQ and many old threads)

I just got into WhatPulse with a few friends, and I have having problem with bandwidth logging. Running version 2.6 on Win 7 64.

I have the version of WinPCap that comes with the program, as I went to install it thinking maybe I skipped it during install, I closed WhatPulse to install WinPcap but it said I already have a running version.

The bandwidth is logging in the client Network area, but in other tabs says 0.00kb and Unknown.

In the threads I saw, people were able to solve there issue by just installing WinPCap, seeing as I already have it I am stuck at this point.

3 screen shots provided if it helps:

And yes, I Pulsed it several times :slight_smile:
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The program no longer boots for me, says Error, requires elevation.

I tried manually opening it as Admin (I am on an admin account too) and changing the compatibility, but that didn’t work.

Too bad, looked like a fun program.

Till next time…