Automatic restart after update

It would be nice if the wp client startet itselft again after an update or an option to choose whether to restart after an update or not.

It did. Which OS do you use?

Yep, both the Windows and OS X client (Linux doesn’t have an updater) restart the client after finishing the update.

Are you sure it updated? I had a similar problem where the update download failed to connect, but WhatPulse still quit.

edit: Actually it’s not that easy to tell if the download succeeded, so maybe I did have the same problem as you described. It restarted ok for me with the latest beta today.

I’m using Windows 7 x64

The update went fine. WP Client closes down but never comes back up. Have to start it manually. Happend with the last update to 2.7 too.

Didn’t restart for me either, glad I found out about 3 hours later right before I did a programming task :stuck_out_tongue:

Would have wasted a huge amount of keys otherwise.