Automatic pulsing when whatpulse is down

A while ago I had the same problem as today. I have whatpulse set to autopulse on 5004 keys. Normally when it autopulses the W in the systray is a green circle for a short period of time and when the autopulse is done the W comes back in the systray.
Today the green circle kept in the systray that showed that autopuse could not dump the keys. The whatpulse website was down at that moment or I could not reach it. Page said “page not found”.

Later on I checked my pulse-profile on It’s messed up. It says that I’ve pulsed (2009/02/08 19:43u) but that was the time that the autopulse did not work!! A few seconds later there is another registration “of that pulse that I did not do” The “AvKPS” and “AvCPS” are ofcourse skyhigh because it registrates a 5000 key pulse that was made in a few seconds.

The keys that where pulsed on “2009/02/08 19:48” where still here in my whatpulse program so I’ve requested a new token to prevent them from sending again.
I do not cheat!! How do I pervent this from hapening again?

Sorry for the incomplete link to my profile but I an not allowed to post an url in my message?

Doesn’t anyone know a solution?
I don’t want to loose my keys because of a high “AvKPS” and “AvCPS” that is not my fault. :!:

I’ve requested to romove the two pulses in topic: “Duplicate/Illegitemate Pulse Removal”

Hope that works because in ten days there is no reaction at all in this topic :roll:

Your account won’t be deleted…

As you told your story and posted in the topic to delete the pulses, everything will be fine :wink:

Sorry for the late reaction, but I don’t check this forum as often anymore… (So do the rest of WP I guess xD)

has happened to me too.

Okay tnx guys :wink: