Ask people, it is amusing...

So, my search to try to find people who are interested in Whatpulse has some to a failure. Everyone thinks it is spyware. :frowning:

However, I have found something amusing. Asking people “How many keys each day do you think you type?”, most people answered “I don’t know, like a hundred thousand on a slow day or half a million on a busy one.”

Now, these people are spending about three-five hours a day on computers.

I found it interesting how poor of a concept people had on how many keys they typed. Asking people who don’t use Whatpulse, what kinds of answers do you get?

hmmmm Yeah most people I invite think it’s spy ware, and I know people who do have a hundred thousand in a day but they are on alllllll day long. Now I would so promote this to the wonderful world of rp, but I dunno lol, people are really cautious about things these days they just may ban me because i’m using spyware lol.

I shall ask random people this question tomorrow and send in the results asap… yay homework!

Most people I know wouldnt even know what Whatpulse is, lol. Myself, I barely get 10 ~ 20k within a few hours. But I had some time, that I typed away 40k ~ 80k on a day, and that was without homework.


I’ve had some interesting experiences with whatpulse on both sides of the fence, and from people that are supposed to be “Tech Savvy” aka work in IT for a multimillion company. I’ve been told that whatpulse is in fact a key logger and all of my accounts were compromised because these terrorists have stolen my passwords and what not. Then launches right into how VistaSrv.exe is a Trojan virus putting me into a bot net and RTSS.exe is the daemon for the botnet that was running on my machine and AppHookx86.exe was feeding the botnet passwords from WhatPulse.exe, and on top of that ww.exe was spyware. I needed to run Norton 360, because nothing else would POSSIBLY clean up my infections. Not to mention HijackThis picked up the entire OS was running in a virtual machine that the company supported and oh my lord I had the nail virus. Mind you VistaSrv.exe is the WindowBlinds Service. RTSS.exe belongs to the OSD server from MSI AfterBurner, AppHookx86.exe belongs to DisplayFusion and ww.exe is WeatherWatcher. All legit applications. Leads me to wonder if half the idiots in the IT Sector even look past a simple google on some programs. But yeah, there is a lot of malware out there and I when I do mention WhatPulse it is often met with cautious curiosity when not a “Durr google says it’s a keylogger!!”. Which of course it’s not :confused: I seem to have better luck approaching it with “Wanna know how many keys you hit? There’s an app for that, look up WhatPulse” And they go look on their own time without preconceived assumptions.

I tend to refer people to McAfee SiteAdvisor – they’ll give a report that says that the downloads are clean.

I’ve not used that in a long while, for a while it was broken on firefox. Though I’d add in Web of Trust in there too :slight_smile:

“Look, it says right on the front page that it records your keyboard usage. Ah-hah! There one mistake was admitting openly what the program does. I am so clever.”

Just telling people to look into it themselves doesn’t work very often.

By the way, that quote is almost verbatim.

This is true, but I’ve noticed they tend to look at it more than just the 15 second once over when I’m present

Hm, it might not be a bad idea to get a button or something from McAfee (or other) that tells people the same thing. joddles on todo

What you really need to do is to explain how Whatpulse works and why it’s safe.

I invited someone to use it recently and they had the normal “is it a keylogger?” concern but after explaining that Whatpulse communicates totals and not the keys pressed in order their concerns were gone.

Providing an example of how Whatpulse works, for example a paragraph of text and then explain that if the user typed it out now then whatpulse would see the following: 12 x a, 3 x b, 1 x c etc etc would help apprehensive users a lot.

A lot of friends joined and got a little destructive.