ARM support


Are there any plans with the new Linux client to support ARM?
I like to monitor the traffic on my raspberry pi, but can’t right now.

How about windows? Windows 11 officially supports arm. Win 10 also did inofficially. Never tried WP there, maybe MS using some emulation?

How about Mac OS? Native ARM support would be great. Whatpulse is one of the last apps I use that still requires Rosetta2 to be installed.

As for Linux, I’ll look into it after traffic counting is sorted out. I’m guessing this should be a fairly straightforward. For Windows, MacOS - Martijn is the guy to ask.

I’m mostly waiting for the platforms to catch up. Qt (foundation of WhatPulse) has now gotten support, which would allow us to build the client for the ARM platforms. However, the delivery platform doesn’t have builders on ARM devices yet. I.e. there’s no macOS M1 device to build apps on and only regular x86/64 builders. I’ve fine tuned the process to make it as easy as possible to build a release (that’s why you’ve seen an uptick in versions in the last 2 years), and weary about adding ‘special’ things like building it manually on a M1 device. People are working on it, though - I’m keeping an eye out.