Applications not being uploaded

In application uptime:

However, searching my applications list on the website for “Cent”, “Code” or “SQLite” give no results. And none of those applications are present if I look in the individual pulse details on the website either.

I did previously have an issue where the app.log was giving some database errors (database disk image is malformed, Unable to fetch row, and sometimes Query "exec(...)" failed) and I found that some of the entries in the network_interfaces table of whatpulse.db had duplicate mac addresses that broke the unique index, but that was an easy manual fix, and now there’s no errors in the recent logs.

I have already hit the “Re-upload applications” button and waited overnight with the PC running since it said it could take an hour.

It even lists that it’s successfully uploading applications occasionally and getting IDs returned as such:

(Note these are the most recent ones listed at the time of posting, and that second one is over an hour ago. The most recent before those were these, over 10 hours before the most recent ones so it seemingly did nothing while the PC was idle overnight)

In the applications table of the db, the vast, vast majority of the rows have online_app_id and sent_online both set to 0 (I’d assume that’s the result of the re-upload applications button?). Out of 2737 rows, only 16 have either one of those values set to something other than 0.

The ones that do get listed in the log do have values set in the db, but it seems to only be doing 1 or 2 at a time, and waiting at least 30min (or much, much more) between each. Is this just going to be a matter of waiting it out until it eventually gets around to uploading all the 0 id applications? Because that’s going to take a very long time at the pace it’s going.


Applications are only newly uploaded after they’ve been used and have pending stats - that’s likely why you’re only seeing a few apps being uploaded. Either have them active more than 1 minute or have a few keys/clicks in them. The client does 25 apps max in 1 upload, so while it can take a bit, it won’t take that long.

You can see in the screenshot Cent Browser, VSCode, and SQLite all have over 1min (and now, almost 2 weeks later, they have much more than that). Yet still none of them appear in my overall applications list on the site, or in the applications list within any individual pulses on the site, only within the client.