Alternative aspect ratio support for mouse heat map

Hardly anyone is still using a 4:3 aspect ration monitor/laptop any more, most are using 16:9 or 16:10 and this makes the mouse heat map inaccurate as it squeezes your screen to make sure all your clicks can be mapped. Having an option for different aspect ratios (or even resolutions) would give you a much better idea of where you were actually clicking.

Any ideas on how people get a heatmap from a triple (or more) monitor setup and then with extended/cloned desktops as well?

Seems like a decent idea from you but quite hard to carry out; even people with FullHD monitors might (!!) run them at different resolutions at different times making the heatmap even more incorrect.

I would guess that WhatPulse would read the signals from each monitor and you could choose which heat map you would like to display. As for changing resolutions that would be very difficult to work around…

I’ve added a feature request for aspect ratio support.
Multi monitor support will less likely be supported. It’s a lot more work to implement and not many people have multiple monitors.