Added support for controller use?


I started a general support thread for this and it seems it used to be possible through xPadder, but was taken out to prevent cheating.

Is this on the development map at all?

I feel like it would be a good addition. Either to press the equivalent keyboard key or a separate controller heatmap or something.

I’m not sure what you mean with it being possible before through something called xPadder, I have never heard of xPadder. :wink:

Controllers are not on the roadmap, simply because it will be too much work to integrate and just a handful of people wanting this.

xPadder is a program that emulates keyboard presses for a controller in a game.
So if you hold up on the Joystick it emulates pressing and holding W.

And that makes sense. Not too many people are curious about controller keypresses

Ah, that makes the comment about ‘it used to be possible’ somewhat clearer, as emulating keys is what key generators do, which is considered cheating. The anti cheating module in the WhatPulse client has been improved several times, where at some point it blocked the way xPadder does the emulating part, I guess.