Add pulse profile column to stats tables

Could there be an additional column added to the user stats page and the “browse all pulses” page to show the profile each pulse was sent from (if any)?

Here is a Photoshopped screenshot to show what I mean:

[SIZE=“1”](^ You might need to add the http tags; the forums won’t let me post a direct link to it)[/SIZE]

It is very easy for if there are still cheaters or for now, but I think it is useless… You can see on which profile you pulsed, so what?? :S

But it’s a good idea though!!

Hey, that’s a great idea, something I’d really like to see.


I suppose it might be an interesting idea if you could see each pulse profile separate from the main account - see the pulse profile the same way you’d see a 1.47 account, have its own independent KPS stats, etc, so that people doing the sifting and reporting can spot them more easily…

Though it would be better if people didn’t have to sift and report, but meh :wink: