Account setup issues

Ok, so I decided to upgrade my Whatpulse to the latest version on my PC and my Mac. All installed fine.

I recently changed my username from iMak to MakCity.

So, I started up the PC client. Entered my new username and password, and it just stalls on ‘Waiting for connection…’

I leave that to go, go on my Mac, start up the client, enter my information (MakCity in caps sensitive) and my password correctly. I click ‘Check for computers’ and it goes away at it’s business. A minute or so later it comes back to me with ‘Invalid username’. I then try makcity (in lowercase) with my password and it returns the error ‘You currently have no computers setup’ when I have two (PC and MacBook) on the website.

PC never responded (well, I gave up about 7 minutes in).

I added Whatpulse to exception on both firewalls.

Any ideas?

There are known connection issues with the Windows client that I’m trying to fix right now, but I don’t know about the Mac client sorry.

Keep an eye on the forums, I’ll be releasing a new WhatPulse Windows build soon.