Account recovery

I made my whatpulse account back in 07, and I literally cannot find the email account for it whatsoever. I have absolutely no idea, and cannot log in just with my account name.

The account is RoryD, and I could probably guess my password if I knew the email, or could log in just with my name.

Is there any support out there for this issue or recovery? I could answer my old old recovery questions I hope lol.

Just for the record I will be continuously checking this thread and have no intention of letting it die.

I saw some other threads similar not get replies for a few days, so I’ll keep up hope.

I’m not going to put the entire address on here, but it starts with Rory_boi. If you’re still having trouble, contact for account support.

Ah the joys of email accounts when you’re in your teens lol. Thank you very much.