Account Not Found

I can log in to the site fine (and the forums, but I doubt that’s related), but whenever I pulse, it says my account is not found, along with a bunch of gibberish text similar to the one below.

So after I’ve been getting these annoying messages, I decided to exit the app and launch it again and pulse. No luck. Then I decided to reset the token, losing 22k keys and 14k clicks, no luck there either. It couldn’t find my account, so I decided to investigate and saw this:

Strange thing is, my account name is Bryan, my computer name is PRISM, and my password isn’t that ridiculously long!

I’d really like to get pulsing again, if anyone can help please. Thanks!

EDIT: Found the error message for each pulse.

Hey there,

Check the following thread for info/fixes.



I can’t believe I missed this, sorry about that.

Thanks for the quick reply, though!!

pleasure, good luck!