Ability to customise keys?

Now, I know this would require a significant rewrite of most of the way the key frequencies window currently works – but stick with me.

Here is a practical example of my proposal in use:
I use a UK Keyboard, we have an ever so slightly different layout to the US keyboard (we have an extra key, for #~). In a new prompt, I would select “Add key”, and would be asked to press that key (to work out what trigger I am actually attempting to count) – and then asked to enter a name for it (so I’d probably put a # in the name box).

This would get rid of the issue of differing keyboard layouts for ALL countries, and I’d make an assumption based on the way WhatPulse seems to catch key input, users would be able to add their media keys too?

If this was added, I imagine users posting “keyboard configuration” files on the forum for their countries keyboard layout.

As you can see here (Unable to post URLs, issue 204 on redmine, notes 2-5) I’ve managed to pick out loads of misidentification’s and simply LACK OF identifications, and the misidentification at least could be fixed by the user encountering them if they were able to customise the keys and names used by “key frequencies”. Currently (as I mentioned) I have a UK keyboard with the additional #~ key, and it’s totally broken the identification of ("Unknown"), ' (identified as), and # – so this isn’t just applicable to the addition of media keys.

There’s one issue with this, though – how would users with different layouts have their key frequency images generated, if they’ve added additional keys? I suppose this would require some work on your end – or just not allow users with modified key frequencies to generate the images.

2 problems with this I can think of straight away:

  1. Whatpulse doesn’t register keys through some programs, as part of their anti-cheat. If you got a program that ran a macro, it could be configured so that the first time, you would register the key, then run the macro. Then every time you ran that macro, it would give you keys. Macros can be put on loops, giving you as many keys as you want.
  2. How could it tell that it was a key pressed, and not a button on an auto-fire mouse. (something like the turbo controller for the psx)

Simply put… so what? I don’t care if there’s millions of cheaters that “rank” higher than me… I use WhatPulse for my own analytics.

How about making it so people with a customised keys don’t get listed in the leaderboard, if you have an empty enough life to actually care where you rank based on how much time you’ve spent sat typing…

But you still get those keys?
This would just be for getting key recognition, if it was implemented. It would leave a window open for cheaters, without really adding much for other pulsers.

A: I fail to see why anyone would actually care about artificially inflating the amount of time people perceive them to sit at their computer doing nothing.
B: As I said in my last post, “How about making it so people with customised keys don’t get listed in the leaderboard”. All I want is so I can see for myself what keys I’m using. If WhatPulse devs aren’t bothered enough to fix the wrong detection of keys, they should at-least let the users fix it for themselves.

Google superrembo.com
I know it doesn’t do anything for unknowns, but you can compare the generated image and whatpulse’s own version, to get a pretty good picture

Why Google a website when you tell them exactly what it is…?

My understanding is that processing for different kinds of keyboards is in the process of being done. It’s not a high priority because of the impending updates to WhatPulse.