A Team Without Its Founder!

Hey there. Well, I used to be a founder for the team, but since I haven’t pulsed WhatPulse in years at the time, the account became inactive, and therefore deleted. So I’m back re-created the account again, and I want to well, re-become the founder for the team that I once created. So, can any of the administrators of WhatPulse make me the founder? I would greatly appreciate it, “#Acer” style, hehe.

Here’s my Team URL: Acer’s WhatPulse Team

Thank you and have a great day! :)!

I see in the team that there is no Founders

is this a Virus (yes for Computers) that deleted the F (Founder) in your team or it is a bug?

Is your IQ single or double-digit?

@OP: If you know the other 2 people in that team, you could remake it quite easily.

sorry but im not in team & im not the founder on the team

  • Well, yeah. There WAS used to be a Founder, but that no longer exists.

  • Umm… are you that delusional? I mean no offense, but seriously? Virus? Bug? Come on now…

  • Well, I do know at least one person, and I would, but I still want to obtain the team I once created, so it’s logical that I need it back, but that’s just my opinion on the matter.
  • Well, you are not quite helping by responding to that…

If they are any “WhatPulse administrators” that are around and can do it for me, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!


I know you’re just trying to contribute, but not everything can be related to a virus and/or bugs. If you want to shoot the shit, use the General Discussion forum, but please stop digging up old threads and making these types of comments. They are not helpful and miss the point by a few miles. Thanks.

Yay! Thank you so much, SmitMartijn! Truly appreciate the wait! :D!