A random, probably dumb question.

We should have a thread for quick dumb questions.

Is there a programming limitation that prevents Whatpulse from counting the keystrokes that are done within itself? Because that would be fun to see where it ranks on the list.

Hi Giraffe,

There are no dumb questions, just long necks. Err, you know what I mean!

And to answer your question, no there is not - even better, the client does even count pretty good: https://www.evernote.com/l/AQLg89E2fxtM56sNpAbn9g7bDjQDu4CJua8B/image.png

That image confuses me, what exactly am I looking at there? I never see Whatpulse in the applications menu.

I kinda feel like you were making a joke and I’m just too tired to catch it.

The keystrokes and clicks are counted, but I don’t have WhatPulse in my application stats either.