64 Bit Windows x64 WhatPulse

Has this been posted before?.. On the download page, there’s a x64 version for Linux, but there doesn’t appear to be one available for Windows in 64 Bit?

There isn’t a 64 bit version of WP and there are no plans for one… Don’t really see the point :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s one because Linux is anal as hell when it comes to arch. But I agree with bobL, there is no point, whatsoever for there to be a 64-bit version of WhatPulse. That is, with how WhatPulse is today.

[quote=Carbon]There’s one because Linux is anal as hell when it comes to arch.[/quote]Well, that’s because we like to use the extra capabilities of our computer :wink:

But a 32-bit WhatPulse will run fine on a 64-bit linux, it’s just that you then have to install the 32-bit Qt libraries or compile them statically.

It’s a keyhook, there’s no “extra capabilities” to gain by making it 64-bit.

To clarify: Using a 64bit operating system in general can make a lot of sense. On Linux, people like to keep their systems lean and trimmed down by keeping only 64bit libraries around (instead of both a 32bit and a 64bit copy). That, in turn, requires them to have 64bit versions of their applications as well, because a 32bit application would require 32bit libraries in order to run. Since most popular Linux applications are open source, it’s easy (for your distro or yourself) to compile them as 64bit binaries.
The situation is different on Windows, because 64bit versions of Windows bring a bunch of 32bit libraries with them anyway, and there’s no clean way to get rid of them (and if you did delete them, lots of stuff would break, not just WP, because there’re so many closed-source 32bit applications around that can’t simply be recompiled). Some people might call this “bloat”, others might call it “backward compatibility”.

TL;DR: There’s a 64bit WP binary for Linux because some people like to have it (and I happen to be one of them), and there’s no 64bit WP binary for Windows because there’s currently no reason to have one.

64bit is required for larger based programs, not a simple tracking tool such as WhatPulse.

0k, c00l. Awesome, thanks guys…:slight_smile: