[2.4.1] Error While Pulsing - Wrong Token

I’ve suddenly been having issues with WhatPulse not pulsing correctly. It was working fine until yesterday (7/11/14 - DD/MM/YY) and then all of a sudden an automatic pulse, which is set to pulse hourly on my computer, said there was an error and the message was wrong token.

I’ve not used WhatPulse on another computer and the token is still showing correctly with all my stats on the website. Should I uninstall WhatPulse and clear all the settings on my computer or is there a way of selecting a new token without doing a new install?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, seeing this exact thing far too often.


There was a thread about this that I posted in not too long ago but for some reason it looks as though it’s been deleted. >__> To reset your token, go to account tab of the client, there is a button there. Unfortunately, you lose all your unpulsed stats but it seems like the only way to sort out this stupid problem…

Apparently there is a chance of this happening after resuming from shutdown/hibernation…but also a few weeks ago i believe there was a “service interruption” or something that created this problem for most if not all users… While I haven’t had this problem except for that one time, I really hope that if it ever becomes a more frequent issue, a better solution than “pulse more often” will arise. :stuck_out_tongue: