2.3.1 hangs on start

Windows 7 32 bit

Process completely hogs one core and UI thread becomes unresponsive.
Meanwhile, I’ve downgraded to 2.0.4 because apparently making older versions easily available is for losers, and that was the only one I could find.

(Debugging info, may be helpful)
I’ve run a runtime profiler on the process, and it seems to choke on some XML processing.
Here are the results. Column 1 is the function name, column 2 is exclusive cpu time(excluding time spent in functions down the call stack), and column 3 is inclusive cpu time(including time spent in functions down the call stack).

Yep, I got similar problems. Lost a few tenthousand keys due to this problem because I did not see it at first. Went back to 2.1.1
I’d rather deal with random crashes than not being able to start it at all. If you give me your E-Mail adress via PM, I’ll send it to you.