2.0.4 doesn't capture network usage on Linux.

I have libpcap0.8 and pcaputils installed but it doesn’t pick up my network card, any ideas?

Have you executed the pcap permissions script?

I never got any pcap permissions script when I downloaded WhatPulse, can you send me a link?

You have to execute the command as described on http://whatpulse.org/kb/content/7/15/en/linux-installation.html

That said, I agree this isn’t good usability. 2.1 will have better instructions about this.

Even after executing that command it still cant find my network card.

I started a thread here, a while ago and then came another 100 similar ones after…


[color=gray]My guess is that it can’t recognize the card (since it’s a known issue); & it might get fixed in the future.[/color]