.zip of Files.

Can somebody please compress their C:\Program Files\Whatpulse directory into a zip, upload it to MegaUpload, and give me a link? You need not give me the configuration info or anything, just the files it needs to run. I do not want the setup file. I want the application files in C:\Program Files\Whatpulse. Thank you.

errr what ?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Does the setup program not work for you to install?

This is actually a pretty bad idea. I’ll see if I can get a .zip version of the program for you to use, where you can download it directly from whatpulse.org, but nobody should be uploading their whatpulse programs and sharing it, since that has all your user information attached to it.

Okay - I am curious… why is it that the .exe installer won’t work? What do you plan to use the .zip file for?

er??? the EXE file doesn’t store any information what-so-ever?

Just make a zip without the .wpw files etc

A zip file of the install would be great. I am having an issue with XP SP3 installing the latest client (1.6) Each time I download the install I run into an issue where it says that the C:\My Documents\WhatPulse-Setup-1.6.exe is not a valid Win32 application. I have try the install multiple times from different browsers (Firefox, IE, Opera)

It shouldn’t matter what browser you’re downloading it from. I’m not sure why it wouldn’t come up as a valid Win32 application, though - unless you’re dealing with a virus. Sometimes, you’ll get viruses that corrupt .exe downloads. Other times it’s your ISP that gets the virus, which can also corrupt your downloads.

I still agree though, a .zip file with a ready-to-use whatpulse folder would be nice to have.

Aye, X-Kal.

What is the file-size of the WhatPulse install file when you try and install it (right click → Properties → File Size)?