Your week on WhatPulse Gone ?

Last Your week on WhatPulse was the FEB 24

Been a while since i saw it… are the dev gone ? :o

same problem

While I do get the mail (last time 2017-03-24) it seems very much broken.
The formatting is broken like ever (was never properly fixed) but additionally some users are not added up correctly and seem to have the keys accumulated for the last couple of weeks instead of only the last one.

I seem to get them on an extremely irregular basis. I love the feature but it does seem to be inconsistent for the time being.

They were quite regular in the last couple of month but now there seem to be issues again.

Thanks, V. I just fixed an issue with the email service which was causing the irregularity. Should be fixed again.

yes works again
thanks for the quick fix

Seems like it is broken again. My last one was 11/02/2021.

Yes is broken again
Got the last one at 2021-04-15.