Your week on what Pulse - emails

Sorry, i wouldnt ask this if it wasnt going on my nerves for years now:
How do i disable getting those annoying e-mails?

I dont want any email about anything from this programm :frowning: and haven’t found a way to stop it.


Managing whats emailed is pretty simple, it’s in your profile: - or you can use the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of the email.

Oh. Thanks.

I’m having the opposite problem, I’m not receiving these e-mails anymore since May 14th. No filters related to whatpulse on my Gmail account, and all e-mails are enabled on my whatpulse dashboard. I’ve also checked my Spam and Promo folders in case they were incorrectly flagged. I figured it was some sort of site outage until I found this thread, I guess I’m the only one not receiving the e-mails? How can I re-enable the e-mails when they are already enabled on my account?

This thread is 4 years old…I stopped getting emails probably around the same time as you though. I figure something’s wrong server-side, hopefully smitmartijn will see this and look into the issue.

Same here. The last received email was on may 14:(

Yes some more had the same issue over in the support thread
Also tried the “I wish” feature from the website
but no reaction from smitmartijn yet