"Your account does not exist on the server." (~9 million keys Unpulsed)

So I’ve used WhatPulse for quite a while now, and apparently this whole time my Local Statistics were never recorded (aka. Pulsed online).

My client: 1.7.1
OS: Windows XP SP3 x86
Yes, I’m on the Admin account on this computer.

Here’s a picture of the error message, along with the keys I’ve accumulated over the years. http://i.imgur.com/sbcPOyD.jpg

After seeing this message, I created an account on whatpulse.org, with the e-mail henrysun12345@hotmail.com (same username, different e-mail compared to the local log-in info). That’s why you see Firefox sending an e-mail in the background.

But the problem is I can’t relog, or else WhatPulse is going to delete my ~9 million keys!

Is there any way (backup something?) to Pulse my local statistics to the new account I just created? Apparently logging off deletes “unpulsed keys”, BUT ALL ~9 MILLION KEYS ARE UNPULSED. I searched all over Google and the whatpulse.org forums and found nothing useful. Maybe I’m the only one in history with this problem…:frowning:

Any help is appreciated.

There’s no way to recover those lost keys. The whole point of pulsing is to store your statistics online, where they won’t be lost. You should upgrade to WhatPulse 2, and configure autopulsing of your statistics.

Read this thread just now: http://whatpulse.org/forums/showthread.php?tid=1468

Ever since I installed WhatPulse I never got around to understanding the concept of Pulsing. That’s probably why my “old account” was considered inactive. Maybe it got banned or deleted?

The user# is definitely there, and I heard a person named ‘wasted’ was able to look into records of accounts. I mean it would be a huge disappointment if the past years of running WhatPulse all went to waste. There has to be a way to rescue these statistics. I know this info is logged SOMEWHERE on my computer, maybe in the registry, or in a file hidden deep in the C: drive. Might it be in %APPDATA%\whatpulse.wpw(.bak)?

There is indeed an expiration system in place to keep people from hogging usernames for eternity and to keep the user base somewhat clean.

Before an account is deleted, you get 2 warnings in 4 weeks. These warnings explicitly say that your account will be deleted if you do not pulse. After looking through the history, here’s what I’ve found:

19 sept 2012 - first warning
26 sept 2012 - second warning
3 oct 2012 - expired account

So your account was expired on 3 October 2012, a little over a year ago.

When an account is expired, there is no way in place to restore it (hence the elaborate warnings and enough time to stick in a pulse somewhere), so I’m afraid you’re going to have to login again. Also either configure auto pulsing or upgrade to version 2 (which has auto pulsing enabled by default).

Thanks for the quick and insightful reply, Mr. Founder of WhatPulse :heart:.
I can understand the time it might take for the programmers to restore a deleted account and have it function again, being one myself. But I still want to know one thing before I log out.

-Where are the local statistics actually stored? Turning my computer on and off for a whole year with it never resetting means there’s some kind of file that stores the unpulsed statistics. Since I never pulsed, it would make sense to be able to carry on these unpulsed statistics onto the new account, right?

But still, in the end if I absolutely must have to delete last year’s worth of records, knowing there’s still a long future ahead, I’ll do it. The question above is just my form of a proper closure.

Inside the whatpulse.wpw file you found. However, that is encrypted using your account details, so useless now.

Well, isn’t that an understatement. Not trying to be funny here, but 9 million unpulsed… For crying out loud, man. xD

You gotta be the most unfortunate person I’ve ever met online, sorz, had 2 post, lol. ;-$

Oh, forgot about this guy! xD

Earlier versions didn’t default to auto pulse and if you just downloaded the client, installed it and never paid any attention to the website, it could happen.

I’m guessing for the most part the keys were from the hundreds of typing tests I’ve done at http://10fastfingers.com/user/114644/ and a few other sites lol.

Alright I logged out and began pulsing on the new account. Thanks for the confirmation.

Wasn’t expecting the distance moved feature to get deleted along with the ~9 million keys; that’s just a classic example of adding insult to injury. :dodgy:. Though it’s understandable that it was an inaccurate feature to begin with.

On a side note, doesn’t this program feel kind of like candy box/cookie jar? It just feels so good seeing those numbers accumulate :smiley:

We used to do those, back in high school!.. Race each other and stuff…:slight_smile:

^^ Edited my post, found an old thread by this guy; you’re not alone, my friend, after all. xD