Yay! Keys count!

So, I had asked for help here before on getting Whatpulse to work at school and after trying many different things it was decided that the college much have some kind of block, probably to prevent keyloggers. While all of us here know Whatpulse isn’t a malicious keylogger, it sure does look like one.

Well, I decided to try (with my USB) to run the newest version. And guesss whaT? Yay! Now all of these 2,000 and 6,000 word essays I am writing every damn week are going to go towards my count!

This is pretty good, as my key strokes have been suffering, badly. I only have an hour or so to get on my computer each day, and I usually spend that watching Hulu.

Also, hello people! I’ve been off for a while (again). I plan on staying active on the forum, meaning I’ll probably disappear for another 6 months after a few days! :smiley:

Luckily, my computer class is VERY simple. We are learning how to open the start menu today! XD - Too bad it is required before going onto any more advanced.

I had to take that class - don’t sweat it, it’s survivable. It becomes a lot easier if you’re able to help all your classmates - then, you get pseudo-teaching experience :wink:

nice. Start Bars are gangster :smiley:

Ive got a proper certificate/diploma for “Turning on a computer system” :smiley:

I rawk. Dont worry, I am actually pretty awesome at IT and am now taking National Diploma IT at college :slight_smile: