"Wrong password for account..."

I forgot my Whatpulse password, and had it reset on the site.

I can log into the site, but when I try to pulse, I’m getting the error shown in the title.

I can’t change my password using the client, because I don’t know the old one.

I’m using Cherry.

Your password for the client is the password you’re using on the website.

If you can’t remember your password for the website, just navigate to this page: http://whatpulse.org/forgotpass/.

Once it is reset, just change it in your client by right clicking, hovering over ‘Account’, clicking ‘Your Account Info…’ and clicking ‘Change Password’. You’ll probably lose all your keys, but I’m not sure.

Hope that helps - if it doesn’t, just post back and we’ll see what we can do!

That’s what I did, but it’s still asking me to put in the old password for the client.

Try requesting a new token? Just randomly guessing here but that might be it.

I’d rather solve this, instead of just pressing random buttons and seeing what happens.

Go to where you saw the “Change Password” link in the whatpulse client. Under it, you’ll see a “Reset Password” button. Click it. It will NOT confirm whether or not you want the password changed, it’ll just do it. (By the way, that’s a feature request I’m going to submit - a CONFIRMATION box there)

Anyways, click the button. You’ll get an email containing a link that will automatically change your password on the website. Presto, just by clicking two links, you’ve reset the password and you’re ready to pulse. That’s all you should need.

(Though, now that you’ve got the changed password, and it IS generated by the client, you can use that password to change it to whatever you want)

And by the way, I found it from randomly pressing buttons. I suppose that’s why I was a beta tester :stuck_out_tongue: