Wrong password for account Garbeld

Alright, so I’ve got 1.25 million keystrokes logged under WhatPulse, since I haven’t updated… since reinstalling my operating system a few weeks ago.
When I try, it gives me an error, “Wrong password for account Garbeld”.
Under Local Account Settings, Reset Password has no noticeable effect, and trying to use “Change Password”, I’ve gotten “Old password isn’t right.” Try logging out, it warns me that it’ll reset counts. I’m able to login on the website, so I know I know my password there.

v1.6.2.1, on XP 32bit, SP3.

Have you changed password on the website?

I believe I have. Not sure.

Well from my own testing, I can’t find anything wrong with the password changing system, maybe you’re just entering a wrong old password?

I have the exact same problem… I know my password, and it works on the site, but suddenly no longer works in the program. It used to, now it doesn’t.

Reset password doesn’t work, so I cannot get into the program. I definitely haven’t changed anything since I last pulsed a month ago.

i also have this problem but i don’t want to log out since i have an enormously large number of keystrokes and clicks, and i’m 100% sure my password is correct.

Seems to be quite common, can someone from Whatpulse comment or help?

I am without a way to fix or correct this issue at the moment. The only thought that comes to my mind is that you may have reset the password from the client with an invalid email and thus your password reset email went to an invalid email, causing you not to receive it.


Thanks :slight_smile:

I take it there’s no solution to this? Think I may have to give up on Whatpulse…

If you hit reset email, it should send an email to reset your password to the account that you utilized when you signed up. This is the only solution to this problem at the moment.


Where’s reset email plz?



Ah, you mean reset pass, not email?

Tried that, but it doesn’t work. As you can see, my password for the site is fine, as I am currently logged in!