wpw corruption

I thought 1.6 was supposed to be less prone to corruption. To my surprise, its happened twice in 12 hours :frowning:
Once was when the power chord was pulled accidently and second was when I logged off and back on in again.

One more thing, my Whatpulse folder has no wpw file and yet the error keeps coming back :frowning:


It appears your WhatPulse.wpw file is generated by a different WhatPulse version then this one. Please delete this file and try again.


I’m on Vista x64 on this machine fyi. Any suggestions what broke?

WhatPulse saves the data file to %APPDATA%\WhatPulse. Failing that, it saves it to the WhatPulse directory. If it’s in neither, that’s why you’re getting corruption errors.

I’m betting it has something to do with the x64 architecture. Did 1.5 work?