WP5.1 on Arch Linux no data measured

I’ve been using WP for quite some time now, starting on windows machines, then moved on to my ubuntu machines, now also on arch when I became a bit more linux-literate… Sadly data traffic was never measured once i went to arch for some reason.

I’ve double checked on running that input script again, and my user is also in INPUT group, still nothing is measured. This machine is using PPPOE for internet (it’s my second public IP), so it has only public access and is not able to see any of the other machines on my network nor can it be seen. (it’s running some net-services for online users and i don’t want a hacker to get into my other devices which hold private data, just in case…)

the appimage is run from ~/appimage where i store all my appimage-files, if i look at htop it says that the actual app is running from a directory on /tmp which I suppose is the location where the appimage is unpacked for use.

When i went from the snapcraft version to the appimage version WP automatically recognized the datafiles, so i didn’t need to log into my account again, it went like any other version upgrade went before. The appimage file has rights to my username and it’s groups, i’ve even set it to rw for everything but world (only read). still it’s not measuring data.

I’d love to get it working again, as this laptop is also used for monitoring and support, which means the characters on the keys are gone from using them :slight_smile: and it’s getting a lot of data through the usb_ethernet card…

I also installed all the QT6 dependencies and libpcap is also installed, i’ve even installed the 32bit-version alongside but that also didn’t help…

my onboard network card is disabled (this laptop has some issues with a few pcie-lanes running to internal devices like HDD and NIC, so it runs off a sata-ssd connected to USB and LAN is on the other usb controller so they don’t use the same bandwidth). IP-link sees my network device as ppp0: when the pppoe is up, when i close the link the active card is seen as enp0s29u1u1: (while pppoe is up, enp0s29u1u1 is still there, but no ip’s connected), and it’s only possible to have one of them active as they use the same hardware link.

I’d love to get the network data to be monitored again, it’s literally many gigabytes per day on this machine…

Thx for your support


Network traffic is not measured in the current Linux client, as mentioned in the docs: Install the WhatPulse client on Linux | WhatPulse Help Center

Hi Martijn,

the crazy thing is that on my netbook (also running arch) the network activity is still seen, it’s running the snap version (so 4.x), it was always possible to see it on that device (using internet LAN card), so it also shows in the realtime graph in WP but it’s just not measured, on my other laptop (the one i mention in OP) there is nothing visible at all (WP5.1, PPPOE connection), although WP does see it has an internet connection and it shows the correct IP. But no devices in the “interfaces” tab, and no traffic at all seen in the “realtime” tab.

Even when i disable “only show active interfaces” the only thing it shows is “imported data”, none of the actual devices which are working and enabled in the machine… Even when i switch to LAN (so no pppoe), it’s still not showing any device.

I knew the linux traffic monitoring wasn’t working, but from showing devices in 4.2 to showing nothing in 5.1 either means something is broken here (my system), or it became broken in the software.

It’s possible that something’s different between the Snap and AppImage way of accessing the network system, sure. WhatPulse uses several ways to check for network traffic, primarily looking at pcap (which is 100% not supported), and secondary by looking at the /proc/net/* stats, which might or might not be successfully working. This is why it’s not supported.

A project for 2023 is to created a network stats service outside of the main AppImage, which will feed data into the AppImage app, which will make it work. But for now, results vary.