WP working well - ubuntu 13.04

WP working really well here since the recent 2.1 and now 2.2… Thank you very much guys… Nice to have a stable WP client :slight_smile: #

shame I cannot get WP working on my server since its headless on bash :frowning:


I still struggle using this on Ubuntu or any Linux format. I much prefer to use it on Windows. I will however be forced to use a Linux laptop whilst I am note taking at uni, and that will have Ubuntu installed on it. May I ask the process you used to install WhatPulse on Ubuntu as there is still no straight step by step guide really available, just a guideline on what should be included within the installation.

Teamviwer/VNC/SSH connections are not tracked by WhatPulse. Instead, they are tracked on the sending computer. If it tracked on both, it would double the statistics, making it invalid.

Virtual connection programs are just that. They simulate keystrokes and button presses. WhatPulse tracks the actual input from the keyboard or mouse, so putting WhatPulse on a headless server is pointless, unless all you want it to track is bandwidth and programs.

Thanks! Although there are many new features I still want to deploy, most releases are focused on getting it more stable.

A headless server is a server without a GUI…which is why he can’t get it working. :wink:

WhatPulse will remain a desktop application, so you won’t be able to get it working on there, correct. I’ve been toying with a ‘WhatPulse Server’ client or something similar, but haven’t worked out how it’ll fit yet.