WP struggles if you type fast


Firstly, let me start by saying I am a very fast typer, and generally can average up to 140 words per minute when I am going full out.

This however, seems to bring up an issue, WP seems to either struggle or just ignore key strokes if you type too fast. I’ve noticed the issues seem to start when you start averaging about 125 wpm (I used a little game i found online to get this).

Is this a glitch within WP, or am I typing to the point where WP is dismissing some keypresses as faked because of the speed?

I’m using WhatPulse 2.2.1 currently.

thanks for reading :slight_smile:

I haven’t personally come across this issue, although that is a seriously fast typing speed and something I could not pick up even if I practised an awful lot on those little typing tests and games. I was going to say that it may be related to your keyboard not registering all of the keypresses, where only gaming/mechanical keyboards will pick up unlimited keypresses at the same time or very close to eachother, but if your keys are coming out fine on the screen, then this should not be the issue.

Yes, they come out fine on screen. I’ve just retried this, typing about any random stuff that came to my fingers for 30 seconds. Notepad++ said I had typed 684 characters (Approximately 137 words per minute equivelant).

Notepad++ noted 684 characters, although WhatPulse had only counted 651. I did not correct any mistakes I had made using backspace or delete, as this would have taken away from the character count on notepad++ and given an inaccurate reading of the actual characters typed. I am at a loss as to why the key presses may be going in 100% fine and accurate, and being entered into a program, although WhatPulse2 is missing out some, my only explanation is it cannot handle counting at such speed, or it has an anticheat threshold that stops it counting after you reach X characters a second that is possibly set too low for people who can type at high speed. (I blame having no life and spending it all on the computer, and spending a lot of that time programming… :rolleyes:)