WP offline; sync next time it's online?

I’d like to use WP at my school, but the damn firewall is blocking the innocent program. So I figured, what if the program could be used offline to accumulate clicks, and then add it to the grand total in the next pulse?

This would be an absolutely awesome feature. Please consider it!


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Hello Raian and welcome to WhatPulse! I think the program can do this but it won’t be automatic. If you set the frequency of the Timers to 0 it will only pulse when you manually pulse. That should work for you in the mean time.

That sounds perfect. But I also can’t even log in to begin with. So I’m not entirely sure if I can even do that. Regardless, I really appreciate thee swift response.

Howdy. In order to initially get the program set up, you will need to access the internet in some way to be able to communicate with our servers. Following that, you will be able to pulse any time you wish so long as you have a valid internet connection - you can wait as long as you want or pulse as fast as you want. You can also try connecting the program on a different port in the options. I don’t use the new version of the program so bobL or Carbon will have to help you there.


Hmm. I tried this, by using a family computer I don’t normally use. I logged into WP no problem. I saved the settings and all that. But then I switched to a permanently offline computer; it had to go through the process of logging in.

Is there a way it could skip having to log in and just accumulate clicks, and then connect and sync the clicks once I take it home?

Simple solution is/should still be install WhatPulse on a thumb drive. Of course, once again, I use an older version, so someone else will have to chime in on if this still works.


Hmm. I thought I did this. I’ll reinstall it, just to be safe. Thanks for your help, by the way. I really appreciate it.

EDIT: I tried it again, and every time I load WhatPulse from the USB drive, it tries to connect to the Internet, which it will fail.