WP key/clickcount pulse

(OS: W7 64bit (Ultimate N) SP1, WP 2.1.1)
I’ve got some problems with WP the last few weeks.
Every now and than WP doesn’t auto login my account and therefor seems to not pulse my key/clickcount. When after a hard days work of clicking and typing I see that I’m not logged in, I ofcourse login. But than the ‘Unpulsed’ says ‘0’ to all. Slightly irritared because of the stats I than try it again another day, it works for a few days and than it’s gone again (the auto login). Now I’ve got the problem again and I’ve made a screenshot of it. The strange thing is that I’ve got a ‘total keycount’ and ‘total clickcount’ which I can’t seem to place.
Does anybody also got this problem and/or got a fix for this? After years of working with WP (with pleasure!) it now starts to show some irritating problems… (updating and the settings are gone, resetting pulses etc.)