WP calculate upload value not properly

when i upload a 1gb file over scp from my home to my server (at a datacenter), it counting only around 250mb. I think there is a problem with counting SCP traffic, then when i upload the file over http it counts around 900mb.

I also have this issue when sending files over SCP, except it counts 10% extra traffic (uploading a 500 MB file results in about 550 MB being counted)

The extra 50MB will be the overhead for the secure encryption. Yours sounds normal to me.

@Inquizitor: i think your problem isn’t realy one, it sounds like normal overhead.
Since my last pulse (2014-10-12 22:33) i have uploaded around 260GB but WP counts only 75GB.

Is your situation the same as http://whatpulse.org/forums/showthread.php?tid=5577 ?

The Client where WP is running use Windows 8.1 as OS and TCP-offloading isn’t enabled (Chimney Offload State: disabled). So i think not that this is the problem.