WP and Windows User Accounts

Perhaps this has been asked and answered, but I have searched a few times and haven’t found anything.
I have multiple user accounts on my computer. I would like WhatPulse to run on all of them, when they are signed in. I tried to load WP into my second account (while my first was signed in as well) and it never loaded. My question is twofold: is this an install issue, ie. did I only install it to run on one profile?, or is there a way to make WP do this and I’ve just missed something in settings.
Thanks for the help.

This is by design. Multiple instances of WhatPulse cannot run on the same machine.

maybe portable version works

I get that running two instances is a by design feature. But if I have multiple profiles signed in is there a way to make it return results from every profile?

The only way is to log into a new Whatpulse “computer” each time you log into the new account on the computer. So you can set up different cmoputers for each user account, but you’d need to switch into them.

Multiple users on the same computer usually means multiple people. If that is so, they should have their own accounts. Beyond that, it is possible to run the client on the same computer in different accounts, as long as they don’t run at the same time.

Settings are saved on a computer user basis, so each user can have it’s own login and settings.

Note that you need to run the client manually before it can install itself into the ‘Startup’ registry of Windows. The installer makes sure the client is started after installation in your first computer account, but then you’d need to run it manually once in the other computer accounts.

Thank you very much for your responses. I understand what I have to do now. I appreciate the help!