WP 2.1.1 no Key Count


i used WP 2.1.1 on W2K8R2 Virtuell Machine… it worked fine, but since a few days i got no key count.
Reinstall did not change anything.

So i installed WP 2.0 - it works fine.


Yes, I can confirm this bug on both Windows Server 2008R2 and Windows Server 2012.

Windows Server editions are not officially supported, so it’s doubtful this will get a look into.

I could understand that if it never worked. But its been working without problems (for me anyway) since 1.7, so it kinda suck that its broken in the newest version, even if not official.

It would guess its not really a hard thing to figure out what changed between versions and quickly pinpoint the point of error.

I think a good deal of us would be grateful if it was looked into anyway, even if not officially supported.