… maybe i shouldn’t pulse my desktop and laptop at the same time O.O. it seems it says i have like 200 or 2k kps or something like that lmao.

XD - Wow, it’s almost four thousand keys per second! I noticed that happen to me a few times as well back when I had a laptop, but not quite to that extreme.

Some mighty fast hands you got there! Impressive.

Haha, sheesh. You should be using your hands to take care of your kid, not your keyboard!


I used to do that on purpose, during the beta - only I had one computer. I used to take WhatPulse out on a jump drive to campus, so I could collect keys and clicks on school computers. I’d then get everything prepped up at home to get them both pulsed as quickly as possible. I’d take the 100-200k keys on my laptop… close whatpulse, open the copy from the jump drive (remember: different pulse profile), pulse from the jump drive, QUICKLY close that whatpulse, open laptop whatpulse, pulse, observe results.

I think it was something like 20,000+ keys per second.

lol well I wasn’t expecting that lmao but it looks kinda cool, just hoping no one thinks i’m cheating cause i am using my desktop for gaming and laptop for everything else lol