Would WhatPulse run on this?

Would WhatPulse run on this computer that uses a virtual keyboard for input? It appears to be running Windows in a couple of the pictures.


Wow… I can honestly not tell you without knowing how the hardware within that computer processes things. wasted or bobL might be able to tell you what they’d consider doing if we had a following big enough to start support for something like that, if it doesn’t work automatically.


The OS of that device seems to be heavily customized. Before seeing a very Windows-like looking start menu, I would even have said it could be based on anything (Win, Linux, Android, iOS, some custom proprietary experiment - you name it).
But since it does seem to be Windows, Whatpulse would most probably run on it. It might even register the key presses – I don’t know, and no one can say for sure unless they’ve tried it or seen both Whatpulse’s and that notebook’s UI’s source code.

However, even if it doesn’t work right now, it could be made to run :slight_smile: All that’s needed is enough time and one of the devices to test with. Would you be willing to donate one to the project?

Best give it to wasted or bobL, though, because me personally, I wouldn’t want one of these, not even for free. While I agree that they’re beautiful toys, I’m also sure that a keyboard whose keys you can’t feel and that doesn’t give you any tactile feedback would be a terrible experience for anything that requires typing more than, say, 10-20 characters.

So in the event that you buy on of these and WP doesn’t count your keys, it’s not a big deal in terms of your total stats since you’ll avoid typing on the thing anyway.

Wow. That looks pretty fucking cool. I would love to get my hands on one of those and play around with it a bit.

If it’s actual Windows, WP will work. If it’s so heavily customised that even the key hooks are different, then it won’t.

But it honestly should.

I wish I had money in moments like these.