Working with Key Combinations Stats

The Heatmap page provides a nice Export button for exporting frequency counts per key. But it only lists primary keys, not shifted keys. There is a Key Combinations page, but there isn’t an Export button on that page. Is there any way to export that data, or get it from a config file stored on the machine?

Also - any way to remap text shown on the page to its key representation? (e.g., for
“shift + 9”, can it be remapped to say instead, “)”).


Thanks for pointing out the export gap - I’ll work on adding that in.

The client doesn’t translate things like shift+9 on purpose, otherwise it would turn into more of a key logger than a key counter. I know that in some cases it could be good intel to know if you’re doing a “)” instead of shift+9 - what kind of use case were you looking at?

Translation from shift-9 to ( was mainly for convenience. I am using the data to help track symbol frequency so I can redesign the layout of my keyboard layers. I can do the translation in excel, so once there is an export function, that should be sufficient.

As an aside, I noticed that the zero (0) key registers correctly on the heat map, but for some odd reason it doesn’t show up in the list view. All other numbers show up fine. Is this a known issue or something I’m doing wrong?