Winpcap errors

That new thing it makes you install on v 2.0 ( I think it was winpcap)…when I tried to obtain it it just did a bunch of errors (in the form of “error opening file for writing” and it gives abort/retry/ignore options

Abort is obviously bad, retry doesn’t work, and ignore makes it so it doesn’t install right

Begin with actually stating the errors, there’s not a whole lot I can get from your current posting. Winpcap is a third party installer which is tested on a lot of Windows versions, so there aren’t many causes to choose from.

Was at work, just got back. Sorry 'bout that
(You know how to go to puushes not direct linked right? I puushed the errors but because low post count i edited out the puu dot sh/ thing)
1E9Qg (only way i was able to get past any of these was hit ignore)

then this completely different message comes up