Windows 8 network statistics and multimonitor mouse heatmap

Hey guys,

after a long time I returned to use WhatPulse and recognized the cool new features it offers.

However I ran into a few problems when installing WhatPulse 2.0.1:

The WinPcap driver does not yet support Windows 8. Not sure if it’s a 64bit issue or just a general Windows 8 problem. It’d be really cool if you could add network support for Windows 8 systems.

The second problem I ran into is that the mouse heatmap does not work if you’re using more than one monitor. Currently I have 3 monitors connected and WhatPulse does only recognize the clicks I do on my main monitor, the middle one. Kinda sad cause I’m really using each of my monitors for daily work.



I can’t help with the multi-monitor problem, but check this out about WinPcap.