Will I be able to keep my unpulsed stats after an update?

I usually pulse before an update so I’m not sure if the client will keep the unpulsed stats afterward. There’s no way I can do the same because I’m using Big Sur OS and I can’t pulse with the older version of Whatpulse anymore. Just worried about losing the stats coz I’m pretty OCD about them. -w-

Thank you~

Updates don’t mess with your unpulsed stats. The only thing that can mess with those, is if your computer crashed, or if you forcefully close the client, anything but a clean close. The update closes the client properly, so you should be able to pulse right after the update.

If you want to be really careful, shutdown the client and create a backup of your data dir ( https://help.whatpulse.org/kb/client/data-files ).

Thank you so so much! <3