Why isnt whatpulse on softpedia???

I wonder why isnt whatpulse at softpedia… i think this is great project but find it on internet is really lot of work. and i think that about 360000 users for 6(or more?)years isnt too much. ive been using whatpulse for about month and im already above 93000. i dont know,seems good idea for me but maybe you have your reasons.

I’m sure we’ll look into it, and I would expect wasted to post a reply in this thread whenever he’s about :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion btw!

You are welcome. Dont forget about other similar servers like brothersoft and many more, maybe portablefreeware com and/or portableapps com (since your app is portable). I try myself spread the word about what pulse but i have only small website and i dont like FB or T:)

Thanks; We’re going to post 2.0 to those types of websites when it’s done.

Here we go…:slight_smile: