Who makes these?

The signatures that display your keystrokes, clicks, and miles? I figure if I love whatpulse so much I might as well spam it in my signature on other websites.


Go there, that’s where I created mine (below)

:sad: - Can’t get an account.

Edit: Forget that. : )

Edit2: Also, if you do not mind my asking your key to click ratio is very unusual, may I ask as to why?

everyone has different ratios depending on what they do, some have mmo’s that they use their keyboards and others play other types of games using their mouse.

I know, I am wondering what thing it is that makes their ratio like that.

Well, some people use the hotkeys for skills on a MMO or other kind of game and some click on the icon…
Some people use hotkeys to go to the menu or Status of your character, others do it through clicking :wink:

I hate clickers on WoW. It’s just the lack of mental capacity and skill in my opinion.